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Why People Choose Our Services

We are a small group of pet professionals dedicated to helping our clients and their furry friends in whatever means we can. Our staff consists of dog handlers, trainers and Groomers!  

Scott Besemann


Our dog, Calliope, has come a long way since we rescued her. But allowing anyone inside our home without her losing it was something we couldn't overcome. We have had three trainers and one other dog walker to no avail. Found Matthew and everything has changed. He calmly assessed our pup, was patient and confident. Even came over to the house for extra work without us asking because he wanted to help her and us. Now he can come into our house with no one around, slip on a leash, and take her on a walk while we are not home. It's as much a relief as much as it is amazing

Matthew is an exceptional dog walker!! He's been excellent since the day he met my pups! He walked in, knelt down, and the dogs calmly walked over to greet him! He's a natural and his staff are top notch! I trust him 100% with my dogs and if you're in the market for a trustworthy, friendly, and dependable dog walker, Matthew and his staff are it!!

Alicia Trtek

image000002 (2).jpg

Matt and his team are the best!! Not only is he a great walker but he’s a top notch trainer and within a couple walks has been able to help my guy not pull as much on the leash. He takes my pup on hikes with other dogs and adds both on leash and in house training. 10/10 would recommend for walking, hikes, training and everything for your pup!

Scout Mcdaniel

Dog running at the park
Dog Walker


Improve you relationships with your Dogs!

Each of our trainers have an extensive background in different areas of training such as behavior modification, detection work, protection, off leash e-collar work, and obedience work. We are all open minded trainers constantly trying to expand our knowledge with the ever evolving methods of training.


We strive to provide an educational experience for any owners who decide to work with us and work towards bettering your relationship with your pets.


This applies to both our training and regular services!

Virtual Consultations

We offer virtual training consultation for owners who need that extra help to get their training on track!  If you have what it takes to work with your dog consistently and do not need constant training sessions this is a great option for you!

You will have an opportunity to talk to us about any issues you may have with your pup and we will lay out a plan for you with a step by step process of how to execute the plan to tackle any obstacle you may face.  We also make sure to acknowledge any mistakes you may be making as a handler as often times our dogs' behaviors are a direct result of something we do or may have done in the past.

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