Time To Pet Client App

This is our go to app that makes booking much easier!

Perks include:


  • GPS Tracking

  • Report Cards

  • Happiness surveys

  • Multiple session booking

  • Packages which provide multiple services for discounted prices!

Make sure to sign up on the app to request services.  Refer down below for pricing and more details!

Dog Walker at the Park
Matching Goldens
Dog in the Park

At Home Dog Treadmill Runs/Walks

Is your pup ready for a good workout?

Does your dog have a large reserve of energy, but you are just too busy with work, kids, or other important obligations? If so our dog treadmill will be the perfect outlet for your furry friend! We have a custom made dog treadmill that is self paced by your dog and protects your dog from slipping or falling with a built in harness holder. Price $40 for 20 minutes of run time. First visit is half off for training your pup how to use the treadmill!

Dog Walks and Runs

Work off that excess energy!

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. Pricing for walks 15 min $16 30 min $22 45 min $28 1 hr $32 add $10 for each additional dog Runs 15 min $25 30 min $35 add $10 for each additional dog

Hiking Adventures

Time to burn off some excess calories!

Our Hiking Adventure service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of while they are enjoying the great Oregon Outdoors! We offer this for all sizes and breeds. Reserve our time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands. Pricing $80 for 1 dog $100 for 2 dogs

Pet Sitting

Going on a Trip?

We will go above and beyond to make sure your pet is well taken care of while you are away. We make sure to provide cuddles, treats, toys, and genuine love to your fur babies. Who knows, they may not even realize you are gone! Pricing: Overnight - $95 for 1 pet $10 additional per pet Drop in sitting 15 min - $22 30 min - $22 45 min - $26 1 hr - $33 each additional pet add $5

Didn’t find the service you need? Feel free to reach out we are flexible and willing to make custom services for you and your pups!