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Grooming With Gracie

Dog Wash


Gracie will do an in home bath or take your pups to a self wash station!  

Full Grooming


Full Grooms with Gracie include haircut, nails, ear cleaning/ plucking, bath, and optional expressions.

Trimming the Fur


Bath Brush and Neaten included a full bath and brush.  It also will include your pups nails and a quick trimming of any spots such as the face, paws, and sani areas!

Bath Brush Neaten
Nail Clip

A La Carte

A La Carte

A La Carte Services are quick individual services such as nail trims, tooth brushing, ear plucking, etc.  Just let us know and we can get it priced for you via phone

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All Prices are subject to change based on the condition of your dog(s) coat and temperament


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